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GHD07-II Electric Datestamp Machine
GHD07-II Electric Datestamp Machine
GHD07-II Electric Datestamp Machine

GHD-Ⅱ type electric stamping machine, can be used for a variety of paper, bills, this book, letters, stamped with different seals or date stamps (date adjustable), can also be stamped with ink-free bump steel printing. Its characteristics have electric seal, stamp printing random switch, stamp printing clear and so on. The manual working intensity is greatly reduced and the efficiency of the cover stamp work is improved. Can also be used for companies, enterprises, administrative units, bill sales points on a variety of documents, bills, stamped with a variety of date stamp printing, personalized patterns or steel printing.

The fuselage of the machine is processed by steel castings, durable, low machine power consumption, light weight, small noise. Mechanical transmission flexible, stable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance.

Feature features

• The size of the cover stamp can be adjusted arbitrarily, thus changing the stamp printing sharpness and steel printing depth.

• The Poke head has a universal automatic adjustment function, which makes the stamp printing more uniform and clear.

・ The direction of the stamp printing can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure that the cover stamp is not limited by the direction.

• The Poke head is switchable, and a machine can be applied to a number of different specifications of the poke head.

・ The poke head has the wheel date, the adjustment is convenient and quick (can be added according to the user's request custom).

• Compact machine structure, easy transmission, low power consumption, light weight, low noise.

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