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ZXG9018IV Automatic letter poking machine
ZXG9018IV Automatic letter poking machine
ZXG9018IV Automatic letter poking machine

ZXG9018IV is the current domestic industry in the same structure is relatively simple, small size, light, low noise, fast maintenance and easy to repair the over-poke machine products, with its own patented technology, its HYS over the machine model after more than more than 10 years of repeated improvement and development. It is widely used in the postal department instead of manually stamping all kinds of letters on the ground datestamp and "postage paid" stamps, can also be used for the export letter stamp cover. The stamp is clear, and its efficiency is several times that of labor.

Technical parameters

Too thick capacity: 0.1~8mm0.1-8mm thickness in line with GB/T1416 standard envelopes and postcards

Timestamp efficiency: 10000 seal/Time ~20000/Time

Leakage Cover Rate:<>

Count Error:<>

Power consumption: 120 watts

Power supply: 220 volts ±10%,50Hz

Working conditions: Ambient humidity -5℃~45℃

Volume: 500x300x220 (mm)

Weight: 22kg (NET)

Noise: Less than 60 db (1 m)

 Usage & amp; features

ZXG-9018IV type automatic letter poking machine is my company's scientific research staff after years of careful development, set the advantages of a variety of similar equipment, repeated modification of the perfect postal Automation special equipment.

The mechanical structure of the machine is simple, all rotating shafts are equipped with miniature imported bearings, transmission is very flexible, maintenance, disassembly is very convenient.

The machine is mainly used in the postal Department for a variety of bulk letters, plain mail and a variety of postcards automatically stampedStamps such as "postage Paid", "Ticket Datestamp", "Landing datestamp" and various "commemorative day stamps". At present, similar models in China have the characteristics of fast over-stamp speed, low noise, small size, light weight, saving power consumption and convenient maintenance. It is the ideal equipment for the postal department to reduce the labor intensity of personnel, improve work efficiency and speed up the transmission of letters.

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