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Certificate of Competency Ticket stamping machine
Certificate of Competency Ticket stamping machine
Certificate of Competency Ticket stamping machine

2015ModelLCD control screen Operation flowSee indicator identification

Power switch: When the "system switch" key changes to green, the motor can start into work.

Seal conversion switch: "SealON"When the key is in green, it is stamped and counted," stampedOFF"Key PlaceIn red, only the count does not stamp.

Set the number of seals: automatic default per Boot "Password", Click"Password"Can be arbitrarily set coverThe number of chapters, when the seal reaches the set quantity, the machine only counts not to stamp.

Count clear 0 Keys: With shutdown, power outage, count retention and continuous counting accumulation function.

Seal position Selection: This machine is set to have9A stamped position, select one of them as required before you must pointClick "Set Change lock" press

Password to enter the password login system, and then press "Password"Press again."Ent”,Select a good stamp position size and click on the "Confirm" key,20The password is automatically locked after seconds. If you need to change the sealThe location repeats the above operation.

Seal position Fine-tuning: If necessary in the confirmation of the2A pre-and post-fine-tuning distance between positions, which can be directlyClick "Add" or "subtract" at the bottom leftLess "key modification.



Product Features and technical parameters

Too thick ability: 0.1-6mm

Timestamp speed: 15000 sheets/time-20000 sheets/Time

Leakage cover Rate: less than 3

Count Error: 0

Power consumption: 60 watts

Power supply: 220 volts ±10%,50Hz

Volume: 500X450X220(Mm)

Weight: 23 kilograms (net weight)

Noise: Less than 60 db

Working conditions: Ambient humidity -5℃-45℃Relative humidity: less than 80% 

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