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Advantages of automatic Stamping machine

With the continuous development of science and technology, especially the emergence and development of IoT technology, the whole social industry has appeared the internet of things trend. Traditional manual seal control has exposed more and more drawbacks, such as the approver, seal manager in the absence of the seal can not be stamped, seal administrator use their own authority to apply for stamping, seal administrator can be free to provide the wrong seal and so on.

With the gradual expansion of the business scope of enterprises and institutions, the gradual addition of branches, the types of business is also more and more, the use of seals more and more frequent. Group enterprises are faced with"Disorderly stamping, Gai, difficult to supervise" risk, and the company with the printing staff can not be freed from the complex stamping process, but also reduce the efficiency of the work. Thus, the seal in the daily social and economic activities in the status and role of increasingly important, seal management of the difficulty and risk is also growing.

Official seal theft, abuse, official seal management is complex and cumbersome, the leader can not be approved outside, with the printing record can not be queried, such a problem is not uncommon, prompted the organization to improve the seal risk prevention and control ability and management level, strengthen the seal management risk research. The seal of the Internet of Things is imperative.

A, instead of manual registration cumbersome and leaking, false login: The management of the official seal daily use, check daily, weekly, monthly reports, such as applicants, seals, approvers and so on, to solve the problem of large stamping volume.

B, to avoid private cover, entrainment, blank seal: Can record, save the document before and after the image image, play a role in supervision, prevention and control, accountability and so on.

C, do not delay the seal: The leader can remotely control the approval of the official seal management equipment, and can view the mobile phone APP to stamp the file, remote audit and transfer authorization.Automatic Stamping MachineThe operation is extremely simple, the official seal is always in the control of the person in charge.

D, simple operation cover Ride-seam chapter.

E, the realization of higher units (leaders) to a number of subordinate institutions (branches, offices) of the use of the official seal at any time supervision, spot checks, authorization, and can directly set the right to remote approval, the realization of the official seal of remote security control.

F, for the organ units and enterprise groups to customize the remote official seal security management solutions.


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