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Social application of automatic stamping machine

Seal machine has been widely issued and in the application of society has also been a variety of development, such as in China's gold tax process, automatic stamping machine instead of human manpower, so that VAT invoice printing and stamping workload, reduce manual operation, promote business development, greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises, improve economic efficiency and work efficiency, Improved service image, in the market has a great application.

  Automatic Stamping MachineCan effectively and reasonably control the oil supply, ensure the quality of the seal, reduce the complexity of the positioning device, narrow the size of the equipment, operation is also very convenient, work efficiency has been greatly improved, with greater implementation value and application of economic benefits. And some of the stamping machine to install rice installation on the money side will also be relatively cheap.

The seal machine can also be used to identify the product, his structure is simple, easy to operate, clear imprint, in the case of manual operation of a few cases to improve the safety and stability of the work.

The automatic stamping function of the new machine can adapt to the transportation of different sizes of paper, can realize the paging, solve the poor adaptability, paperless paper feeding device and other needs of special production problems.

   As a representation of personal identity and unit property, the seal has been widely used as a kind of document since ancient times. Economic and social development, promote the whole society to strengthen financial management, invoices for consumers transfer vouchers, more and more attention, at the same time, the tax invoice amount of the invoice business requirements are higher. Traditional artificial sealing device has no way to complete the current demand, the development of automation and intelligent stamping machine is the requirements of the Times. In this context, by studying the application status of intelligent presses, a kind of intelligent sealing position of the seal machine which can realize many different requirements is developed. For example, automatic seal machine, especially a fully automatic seal machine with repetitive action. It mainly solves the use of manual seals, but in some cases, such as air tickets will cover a chapter inspection coverage to tens of thousands of times, high labor intensity, low efficiency, manual sealing due to different degrees of definition does not guarantee sealing problems.