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Frequently asked questions about automatic stamping machine

IfSeal machineAfter being affected by moisture, there will be local gray, seal blank, imprint Paper Wrinkle and seal original blank four kinds. This phenomenon can be solved in a simple way.: The first is the appearance of gray, which is made up of a damp stamping machine on the photosensitive surface, so that the machine preheating for 30 minutes before using the stamp machine.

The second is the seal blank, this is the seal machine in the wet and still work caused, we can also let him first heat, and then try again, If we can't solve the problem yet, we should need to ask for professional repairs.

The third case of Stamping machine imprint paper is sensitive, which is caused by moisture wrinkle. You can change the paper. If we don't use paper, please don't put him in a damp place, and don't put nudity on the outside to make sure the paper stays dry.

The first is by the seal of the original blank, which is by the seal to show that the projection of the shaft is wet occurred, can be closed before starting to warm up, keep the room dry, so as to avoid these conditions, starting with early preparation8 often moisture-proof seal. It is recommended to put the seal machine in a dry place, not close to the window, not really put on the ground, especially away from the water dispenser, to prevent the impact of water and indoor machine humidity.

We should pay attention to maintain air circulation, reduce indoor temperature, so as to avoid paper carton, when used to make the machine preheating, drying machine to prevent lake moisture: If you don't use it often, you can cover it with something and suggest about half a metre from the ground. In order to ensure the seal quality of the stamping machine, but also to take good care of the stamped paper, if the paper does not have to put him in a safe place should also be careful not to let him wet, if encountered bad weather to keep the paper in the wet place to maintain the paper drying, to ensure that the paper is not damp. We want to note that do not arbitrarily pull the seal machine power cord out, when the power is on, we also have to stamp the machine to maintain the stability of the stamping machine, you can ensure that the night does not use the machine when the wet weather makes the stamp machine need to keep dry.