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Convenience of automatic stamping machine for society

Seal, it seems to be a simple thing, but it is indeed the real homework to contact the public's livelihood. Aerospace information"Intelligent Stamp machine" relying on the "Internet + Intelligence" concept, really promote the public service network, information, intelligent. Mass use of space information "Automatic Stamping Machine"It takes only 5 minutes to complete the seal operation." It can be said that the space information "active stamping machine" has really improved the operation efficiency of the community service, the standard of village-level official seal processing, for the public to provide a convenient and attentive service.

This is the people's Daily, Xinhua news agency, Sina Network, Sohu Network, Tencent Network, Phoenix NET and many other media to pay attention to the report of the space informationWhat's so strange about "smart stamp machine"? Let's take a look at it together.

In fact it is not a person in the fight, inAfter the death of "intelligent stamp machine", it is a set of complete space Intelligent Official seal processing system as the support.

Introduction of aerospace Intelligent Official seal processing system

System Overview

Aerospace Intelligent Official seal processing system is a set of inductive software and hardware integration solutions, the system through the selection of advanced optical mechatronics Intelligent control skills, database skills, multimedia skills network skills and mass storage processing skills, the use of Intelligent seal machine, Yun and other advanced skills and equipment, can be useful to complete the government, enterprises, Units at all levels of the seal processing, to assist the operators to complete the various processing functions, greatly high operational efficiency, reduce the risk of seal handling, complete the expected function and role.

Security handling and storage of seal entities 

After the seal carmine locked into the intelligent seal machine, useful to complete the company's work and processing process of the human chapter separation, the completion of the tube without authorization can not be used, the licensor does not contact the official seal carmine, the use of the chapter to obtain authorization and the consent of the person in charge can be used, a large extent to ensure the use of the official seal