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Design flow of automatic stamping machine

The seal has a long history and is a symbol of authority. In hospitals, banks and production enterprises, often need to seal a variety of documents, bills, etc., and has a great workload. But the enterprise basically still uses the manual seal way, not only the speed is slow, but also the workload is huge, easy to lead to the seal when the position is not accurate. Therefore, the study-A convenient, fast and automated stamping machine has a good practical value,

With the improvement of the informationization level of bank accounting settlement, the accounting settlement efficiency of banks is more and more high. However, some of the bank's traditional business, such as public business's return, billing and other documents printing business, is still used"Business system printing-the bank staff hand-stamped-manual folding-manually put into the return cabinet-the customer in the return cabinet to collect" the traditional way, the whole process must be done by the bank teller manual, low level of automation and error-prone, has seriously restricted the overall public business efficiency, resultingAutomatic Stamping Machine

Automatic stamping machine structure generally uses the upper and lower skateboard design, on the skateboard for passive transmission, under the skateboard for active transmission, the use of stepper motor as the power, gear transmission system, belt (synchronous toothed belt) transmission system combined, the transmission system is compact, each drive shaft spacing is small, transmission error is very low, the seal repeatability accuracy is very high, usually with3 Stepper motors. Divided into pairs of paper and right-hand paper two kinds, some rely on moving the seal at the same time to meet 2 of the paper way.

Design process:

Description of software design flow for embedded electronic automatic stamping machine

1, the whole machine power, reset, in standby state, waiting for the upper computer to release the seal command for the next step.

2, the upper computer issued a SEAL command, including the type of seal, the number of paper, stamping machine to receive, the whole machine into the ready start state.

3, waiting for the paper into the channel to block the first set of tubes, the main motor start, transmission paper to continue to move forward, to reach the second group to the pipe, according to the seal command, start the corresponding seal motor, seal operation.

4, complete the seal action, the upward machine back data, seal completed, the number of paper reduced by 1, and wait for the next piece of paper into the channel. When the number of paper is 0 o'clock, the stamp machine stops running. Go to powered standby and wait for the next stamp command.