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The advantages of automatic stamping machine are introduced in detail

AutomaticSeal machineRefers to the useAutomaticPrinting Mud seal Machine, complete the demand printing Mud seal Document action, liberate the manual seal of the project. Used to solve the time-consuming and laborious problems of enterprises and institutions in carrying out many repetitive manual seals. In real life, some units and enterprises need to repeat a lot of manual stamping, through mechanical movement to replace manual operation, is the concentrated embodiment of intelligent work, but also the inevitable trend of intelligent work in the future.

AutomaticThe difference between the seal machine and the similar products on the market lies in the convenience of disassembly, flexible stamping, according to the actual needs of customers to customize different types of stamping machine. The use of lax components supply, to achieve the integration of production and distribution, saving production and transportation costs, optimize the stamp Machine market resource integration and configuration.

Product advantages

1. Safety seal: Maintain seal safety, not easy to disorderly seal, not easy to be stolen.

2. High efficiency seal: Handle efficient, concise, save personnel.

3. Smart voice: Smart voice prompts.

4. Standard SEAL: Fingerprint identification, enhance security. Mobile Verification Code verification, double-layer insurance.

5. High Speed Seal: 3 sec-5 sec/Zhangzhi.

6. JobAutomaticOf: Seamless docking with OA system, working remotely.

7. High security: Face photography, document photography, fingerprint identification, verification code identification, shell reinforcement and other multiple protection, deny unauthorized operation, Akiko physical security.

8. Simple and easy to use: often work with a one-click operation, difficulty operation the whole process of tips.

9. Stable and reliable: the use of imported electronic components and transmission components, limit temperature and humidity, working strength testing.

10. Laser positioning: Clear and accurate indication of seal orientation.

11. Exquisite appearance: streamlined shell, suitable for working applications.

12. Low energy consumption: depending on the precise transmission and intelligent electronic control system, the transmission loss and line loss will be reduced.

13. Operation Retrospective: Thanks to the intelligent archiving processing system, all operations are documented.

14. High applicability: Applicable square Chapter, round chapter, flip seal and other seals.

15. Excellent workmanship: sophisticated manufacturing technology. The mechanical structure is stable and secure, and the service life is long.

16. Custom development: According to user needs to develop special functions.