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Certificate and seal Machine Small knowledge

Every product must have a certificate of certification in order to factory, certification is an important proof of enterprise products factory, with the rapid development of domestic manufacturing industry, the number of certificates used by enterprises has also soared, a local factory in Guangdong to the pan-Yue Reflection, daily manual coverMore than 7000 certificates, put into artificial three people, time-consuming and laborious.  As the volume of business grows, there is an urgent need for a new way to replace the traditional manual certification manufacturing model. The user and my company about the certificate and seal machine dialogue:

1) Why use a special certificate and seal machine?

Enterprise product certification generally has a certain thickness or requirements to change the content of the certificate, such as product name, specifications, weight, inspectors, etc., the traditional seal of the way low efficiency, poor aesthetics,Certificate and Seal MachineA note to print a certificate, fast and elegant, the degree of change the original problem.

2) What do you do on the certificate?

Our company: We through the professional certification and stamping machine to fight up, eliminating our traditional manual writing or stamping problems

2) certificate and seal function to print what?

Our company: Our certificate and seal machine main printing certificate changes in the content such as: Product name, specification, weight, color, model, expiration date, pressure, temperature, nominal diameter, inspector, production date, certification mark, pictures, etc.

3) The applicable certificate type of certificate and seal machine

My company's certificate and seal machine, mainly applicable to single certificate, volume certification, coil single certificate, polygon certification.

4) is there a requirement for the thickness of the certificate? How thick can I support?

My company's certificate and seal machine, support the thickness of popular speaking from a piece ofThe thickness of the A4 is supported by the thickness of two business cards

5) certificate and seal machine are applicable to which industries

At present, our certificate and seal machine is widely used in manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and electrical appliances, mechanical electronics, wire and cable, valve pump and other manufacturing enterprises