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How the letter Poke Machine Works

  Letter-Poking machineIs a new technology, simple structure, good reliability, low noise of the special postal equipment. Mainly used for the import letter cover delivery datestamp, export letter cover water corrugated ticket and datestamp, the machine has automatic letter, automatic posting, photoelectric counting, display and letter plug automatic shutdown and other functions, low leakage cover rate, clear seal, easy to use maintenance, adapt to small and medium-sized business Post office use.

Letter Poke Machine mechanical structure is divided into four parts, power (including variable speed), letter, separation and over-Tibet. The power of the whole machine is provided by the single-phase AC motor (Eg08 type bottom speed), the motor is 1400 rpm, and the line speed of the friction separation zone is 0 by the deceleration of the two-stage belt drive. 852/s, meet the speed requirements of four letters per second (in accordance with our standard B6 envelope). Power Part Pack

Including motor, motor belt wheel, Ladder wheel, separation belt wheel composition. The letter part includes: The supply letter floating wheel, the supply letter wheel, the adjustable Supply table Board and the supply letter photoelectric to the tube sampling composition. When a letter that needs to be truncated is placed on the feed pad, a signaling command is transmitted to the CPU by sampling the photoelectric, and the CPU starts the main motor to work, entering the letter wheel to push the letter separation to achieve the purpose of the letter. The separation part is composed of friction separation zone and separation pressure plate, accelerator wheel and accelerated pressure wheel into different friction adjustment mechanism, and the service counting photoelectric to the Tube sampling area is composed. The principle of friction separation is to use the friction coefficient of friction separation zone and separation pressure plate and different correspondence to achieve the purpose of comprehensive single seal separation of correspondence. Adjusting the pressure of the separation plate can change the friction between the friction separation zone and the upper pressure plate, so that the single seal separation achieves effective separation. The effect of the accelerator wheel and the accelerated pressure wheel is to pull the separated fungus out of a distance to ensure that the counting photoelectric is correct and reliable for the tube sampling. At the same time, counting the photoelectric sampling signal in addition to counting also to start the Poke head stepper motor. The Over-Tibet part contains a truncated die, an ink-making knitting rod wheel. Drive stepper motors and so on.

A qualified stamp print can only be reached if the line speed of the section is consistent with the speed at which the letter moves.