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What is the design standard of automatic stamping machine?

  Automatic Stamping MachineThe Design Guidelines

Advanced: The planning and development of the system adopts advanced concepts, skills and methods, which not only reflect the advanced level and development potential of today, but also take into account the sophistication of the selected skills, equipment and tools, and ensure the practical application efficiency of the system over a long period of time.

Practicality: In the planning and development of the system, thoroughly oriented to the transaction part, especially in full consideration of the user's practical needs and existing operating procedures, and abundant absorption of the transaction part of the existing management experience, and then for specialized solutions. It is not only convenient for the use of some leaders at all levels of the department, but also convenient for the use of external query users, improve the efficiency of operations.

Reliability: Due to force majeure or other reasons caused by the system communication temporarily can not be carried out normally, the system will actively save in the local, after the network recombination and then upload the image. Together, the hardware platform in the state of abnormal power outage, will actively lock the seal, to avoid misappropriation.

Scalability: Whether the hardware and software are modular planning, for connecting with other systems to reserve the interface, to ensure that the future system can carry out new requirements development and the expansion of new functions.

Fault tolerance: When the hardware fails, the input data is invalid or unexpected operation occurs, the system will make appropriate corresponding response and processing, with disaster recovery ability, to ensure the security of the data.

Security: All operations and data information in the system are encrypted and have proper control over unauthorized people's attempts to use software or data.

Ease of use: very limited to the terrain with the advantages of computer to implement active operation, reduce manual intervention, easy to learn operation.

Protective: Perfect system planning, choose a sophisticated hardware and software platform, easy to protect.

Scalability: The system can be configured flexibly according to the detailed transaction size.

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