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Main functions and features of the timestamp machine

1. Power Performance Node Description:

The mechanical transmission design of this machine is ingenious and reasonable, all rotating shafts are supported by imported bearings, while other domestic models are used to reduce costs, some use bushing friction rotation, often explode shafts, large friction coefficient, power consumption, general motor power in the 120-180W, the machine motor power 90W to save electricity, wear small! We can use the finger directly to pull the cover stamp wheel, other domestic models are not able to do, can directly determine the various models of the rotation performance of the whole machine and the size of the rotation torque.

2. Introduction to the core component "clutch":

The machine clutch absorbs the advantages of various torsion spring clutch at home and abroad, the design is ingenious and unique, after years of use, did not find the clutch damage, the performance is very stable, which is characterized by the excessive stamp speed, can reach more than 300 times per minute, that is, 20000 seals/hour or more, which is any other kind Can be tested on site.

Clutch Parts disassembly and maintenance is simple and fast, the machine disassembly clutch torsion spring easy and simple, as long as a screwdriver, 3 minutes can be done, this is other similar models incomparable! Secondly, the maintenance personnel adjust the clutch claw, this machine in order to meet the requirements of maintenance personnel, reduce the workload, we use positioning fixtures, no need to debug, a load into! We bid in Beijing, Guangdong, Shenzhen and other large post offices have tried and tried! Technology has always been superior to other domestic models.

3. Important institutions "separation devices" Introduction:

  Over-poke machineMore intuitive is to separate the letter effect is good or bad, which directly affects the cover stamp and count accuracy! This machine too thick ability can reach 8mm-10mm, other domestic models generally can only be too thick below 5mm, we developed a separation mechanism, can be separated very thin such as a single invoice paper, A4 paper, meal voucher paper, or very smooth such as postcards, copperplate papers and other objects, and does not affect the speed of the poke! Other models cannot be reached.

4. Command agency "Circuit Control" Introduction:

This machine circuit control part after years of use of the damage rate is very low, the performance is very stable, unlike other domestic circuits due to too thick card to burn the circuit board, we design the circuit part, whether it is ultra-thick letter card dead machine or other mechanical failure or human factors stuck machine, will not cause the circuit burnout. We all have protective devices.

This machine Another important detection part: "Infrared emission and reception" part, the machine adopts wide angle to light, and has accurate indication of light, even if the person who will not use the multimeter can be accurate to the light, to repair to bring great convenience.

5. Introduction to "Stamp Position adjustment":

Because the Poke machine cover position once adjusted does not need to change, this is a one-time work, so in order to simplify the circuit, reduce the failure rate, we do not use circuit regulation, and the use of double mechanical regulation, mechanical positioning than the circuit adjustment positioning is accurate, so we take the Poke Head Adjustment board a wide range of adjustment stamp position, You can also adjust the position of the infrared receiver tube to complete.

6. Introduction to the structure and shape of the whole machine

The machine in the whole machine structure design is simple, compact and reasonable, the use of the overall structure base and aluminum plate combination structure, abandoned other models using cast iron or angle iron welding frame structure. We do not hesitate to use high-cost aluminum sheet material structure, one is the resistance to fall, anti-collision performance are particularly good, followed by light, anti-rust performance is good. The shell uses spray instead of spray paint, the surface is bright, our whole machine volume and weight are all domestic models of light weight, small size, easy to carry maintenance.