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What are the advantages of automatic stamping machine to bring seal into intelligence?

Shared office in full swing, and at the same time flames intelligent air vents, but also for the sharing of office space to bring a new round of development opportunities and competitive patterns, with technical arms to promote the sharing of office space intelligent Revolution. When the shared office into the intelligent, the organization of the SEAL management innovation can not be left behind. And the SI Gert Intelligent Seal as a set of management system, in this wave to display their own advantages and characteristics, with "Si Gert-Open the era of safety printing time" of the first heart, developed this intelligent system.

A re-guard: remote control, supervision and permission hooks

The official seal size is small and easy to carry, if it is taken privately, it is difficult to find in a short time. But Gert was one step ahead and grabbed it from the source. Remote control technology, before stamping need to request authorization to the management personnel, found that the seal content is accurate and remote approval after the passage, will open the official seal use rights. This technology, fully protect the reliability and authenticity of the approval process, in the seal link to achieve real-time supervision, even if the seal is stolen, can not be used, so that the attempt to muddle through the nowhere to hide.

The second weight: a cover one yard, automatic seal, easy to operate

Now focus on the use of efficiency, combined with advanced scientific hardware and IoT technology, the whole processAutomatic Stamping MachineSettings, many people at the same time online operation, the use of mobile phone app can be completed, the realization of the seal process of the person chapter separation, automatic stamping, no human interference; through a one-size-click technology, to ensure that people, things, chapters of the three-party association. Really do 0 risks outside the home, do not give the misdemeanor to the opportunity.

Third Weight: Complete data link backtracking, official seal external anti-private cover, with Si Gert

Powerful data chain system, so that managers in the pre-seal approval process, can be through the automatic stamping machine to accept and view the application and record in advance; in the process of stamping, the SI Gert Intelligent system will keep a record of the stamped documents, seals and behavior process information; After the seal is completed, the Gert Intelligent system will take photos of the files to the server , In this way to help enterprises review the chapter flow, found the use of chapter anomalies.

Fully realize the pre-evils, the matter-real-time control, hindsight-retrospective collation of a set of control system. And these links, managers only need to do a hand operation, you can integrate multi-functional between the palm, small see big.

With automatic stamping machine, whether it is government agencies or enterprises and institutions, can easily achieve seal management, so that stamping with printing easy, reliable and controllable. So that every business owner can stay away from the use of printing worries, enjoy the intelligence brought about by the efficiency of convenience and security. So that every enterprise can be in the tide of the times, look after worry worry-free, forge ahead.