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Whether the automatic stamping machine can standardize the seal management

The construction of the project department seal is very important to a company, and it represents the whole company to a certain extent. Therefore, the release of the company to build engineering Project Department seal processing method is very necessary for a company. The following small series for us to bring the company to release the construction project Department seal processing method of the specific content.

Variety of Project Seal

Project Department seal Sub-project official seal and Project Special Chapter two category. The official seal of the project is the Oval chapter, labeling the full name of the project, is a specific symbol of the project department; the exclusive chapter of admiration is a square chapter, labeled "Special chapter of Skill Materials", which is used only for a specific range of skill materials.

Scope of application of Project seal:

1, "Project official seal" Scope of Use: limited to the Project contact list (with the owner/supervision/Design Institute/surrounding area Processing Department/Subcontract units), meeting minutes, memos, engineering documents, construction plans, to the owner of the request, with the owner of various types of visas, and superior to and from the document materials, such as the seal cover, This official seal shall not be affixed to any document material outside this scope.

2, "Project Skills Materials Special chapter" of the scope of use: limited to skills approval, hidden engineering acceptance orders, materials/equipment inspection orders, part of the quality assessment form, quality/safety rectification orders, such as the formation of engineering skills materials involving skills, quality, safety content of the skills of the seal cover, This special chapter shall not be stamped in any document material outside this scope.

The application of the project seal is handled:

First of all to introduce us to the seal of the Internet of Things, is the internet of Things + traditional seal, it is from Zhuhai si Gert Intelligent System Co., Ltd. Research and development of APP+ Cloud service as the center of the software Channel, combined with the Financial Enterprise Unit seal Use link in the human chapter separation, long-distance authorization, retrospective forensics intelligent seal System, According to the construction project seal processing existing imperfections and security loopholes, etc., tailor-made the whole solution plan.

It is a subversion of the traditional seal processing use, the opening of the era of safety printingAutomatic Stamping Machine, You can place 4 seals together, so that the seal type is fully compatible. Fingerprint identification login, file photography application, SMS real-time tips, APP long-distance recognition, automatic completion of stamping, stamping documents real-time upload, stamping content throughout the supervision, with the printing history course traceability can be found, with the printing process simple and efficient.