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Function features of invoice and seal machine

Guangzhou hao Yuan AutomaticInvoice and Stamp machineIs a first use of special VAT invoices and invoices list and other multi-linked invoices active seal of the financial office supplies, applicable to the invoice issuance of large enterprises. Product selection of Mechatronics technology design, with high precision, durability, stability and other advantages, with 20 parts/minutes of high-speed stamping capacity, the selection of optical positioning technology, seal azimuth reasonable, accurate, independent use, do not need other control of the computer or equipment, operation is simple, with active paper-split function, can be satisfied with the invoice and seal together.

First, the function characteristics

1, applicable to the multi-link pinhole invoice/Invoice list/settlement form/all kinds of vouchers and other receipts and seals

2, humanized structure design, multi-linked invoices in the stamping process actively split, no manual manual split paper

3, optical positioning, parallel paper, stamped azimuth invoice correct, can customize the position of the seal

4, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, touch screen control, simple and easy to operate

5, professional design of the paper walking mechanism to ensure that each invoice can be clearly stamped

6, DC 24V safety voltage Drive, personal safety has to ensure

7, the use of the Invoice bureau deposit standard Seal

Second, customer revenue

1, fully automatic invoice stamping machine disposable purchase invoice application.

2, fully automatic stamping, free hands, improve work efficiency.

3, intelligent photoelectric detection, to avoid the manual seal when the leakage of the cover problem.

4, industrial control Balanced seal, seal clear, uniform, improve the corporate image.

5, equal to the recruitment of a do not have to pay wages, do not have to pay Social Security and Provident Fund, no welfare requirements, tireless staff.

My company's corporate purpose is "customer demand is the direction of our March", in the "self-improvement, thick virtue" and "Wen line loyalty, Min" under the guidance of the efforts to diversify the stamping machine products, systematic technical applications and service, multi-level, continuous satisfaction with the continuous needs of users.