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Talking about letter poking machine

    Letter-Poking machineIs a special equipment for the internal operation of postal production, mainly used in the delivery operation stamped with the landing post stamp or business receipt bulk mail affixed postage has been paid stamp. Is an indispensable equipment in postal communication.

With the development of society, especially after entering the market economy. The rapid development of postal communication industry and the rapid growth of business correspondence have made the task of staff dealing with postal correspondence increasingly onerous. In order to reduce their labor intensity, improve work efficiency, speed up the transmission of letters, in the new postal equipment appeared in the letter automatic poke machine and letter automatic capping machine. The degree of automation of letter processing has been greatly improved,

In order to produce stable and reliable, good performance of the slaughter machine and capping machine. Domestic postal equipment manufacturers and Postal Research Institute in this regard has made great efforts to develop and produce a large number of types of cross-stamp machine, capping machine. Such as electric datestamp machine, cabinet-type timestamp machine. Inkjet Printing pin machine, desktop letter stamp machine, pin machine and so on.

Desktop letter automatic poking machine and capping machine are currently produced and used more models. It is characterized by fast letter processing speed, low noise, simple structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain. Manufacturing costs are low and affordable, so they are selected by the vast number of users.

Letter automatic stamp machine, cover pin machine Technical requirements are: letter separation thoroughly, do not leak cover, letter count accurate. The stamped handwriting is clear and rounded, there is no pollution to the letter, and there must be no tearing letter, Rip phenomenon, stable and reliable work.

Letter automatic poke machine is mainly used for import letter cover "landing Datestamp" and business letter cover "postage paid" load.

Letter automatic Capping machine in the letter automatic number of machines on the basis of the addition of the letter and ticket function, ICT automatic town machine with its letter wine stamp cover method can be divided into full-width cover fear, local cover and positioning cover.

The letter Poke machine is mainly composed of: letter, separation, cover stamp, main drive, rack, control circuit and storage bucket seven parts. The working principle is briefly described as follows: Put the letter to be stamped on the letter belt, a group of photoelectric shading, motor self-startup, letter sent to the second transmission belt to speed up the letter, the use of friction and differential principle, the letter separated by piece to the second photoelectric group, so that the circuit generated a pulse signal, trigger SCR guide, electromagnet Suction once , The datestamp wheel rotates for a week, and the letter is stamped one after the letter into the storage bucket. When the end of all the letter left the letter band, a group of photoelectric light, the motor stopped on its own. When the machine fails to tell the letter, it can automatically stop.