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Seal captain how to maintain after time use

ZPG 9018 Seal Machine in the original foundation on the installation of paper positioning Adjustment Board, so that smaller paper can pass the limit, positioning equipment in the process of feed does not deviate from the original position, paper on the paper rack before entering the tooth-shaped parting belt to ensure that the paper straight into the paper until the end of the seal until the paper is stuck in a straight line. This stamp machine is suitable for stamping paper length of 7 cm, minimum width of 5 cm. Most manufacturers of the certificate can be applied to our seal machine for the certification of the inspection and stamping, production date stamp and other words of the seal. CompanySeal machineThe improvement and improvement can not be separated from the needs and propositions of our customers, we strive to seal the machine products to do excellent, do a good job, better satisfaction with the vast number of customers.

Because of the long-term use of the stamping machine, in its application process, transmission belt, pressure plate will have the corresponding wear, the General Service life of more than one year, depending on the frequency of use, according to the application of about 3000 sheets per day application life of about one year, only the transmission belt, separation band effect is not weakened can continue to apply, If you find that the above tooth points grind off can no longer tighten the paper then you need to replace the tape.

Another because of the long-term pressure plate twists and turns conflict, one to see if there are foreign bodies on the back of the pressure plate, to see if there is foreign body glue glued on the back of the pressure plate, in the case of long-term use of the stamping machine contact Tooth point will be in the pressure of the press plate under constant grinding, in the process of small At this point, the pressure plate and conveyor belt need to be replaced.

Another view in the stamping machine stamping machine process, seal and ink wheel whether there is wear, if the wear can lead to the film cover out is not clear or touch the ink, this is the need to replace the ink wheel, the general printing die Life in about 3-5 years, whether the ink wheel replacement to see if the above wear break extrusion deformation can not touch the mold.

Every quarter to see under the seal Machine Infrared receiver tube and launch tube dust is covered, such as dust has been covered a lot, need to be shut down under the circumstances of the shutdown, the specific operation see the specification drawings.