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Classification of how to seal the automatic stamping machine

The seal is an important credential and thing for the enterprise to exercise its authority in the operation and management activities, and has the effect of proving the actor's subject and confirming the Civil legal act. It is therefore important to understand the role of the seals and to strengthen the seal maintenance operations. Let's take a look at it below.

1. Company Seal

Scope of application: Any letter, official document, contract, letter of introduction, certificate or other company information announced in the name of the company may use the official seal.

2. The Finance chapter

Scope of use: generally with the bank to deal with the time will be used, such as the bank's various credentials, money orders, checks with the printing. In addition, it will also be used for the settlement of financial transactions.

3. Chapter of contract

Scope of application: units in the external signing of the contract to use, can be in the scope of the contract to represent the unit, in the contract stamped with the contract special chapter, the unit needs to accept the resulting rights and obligations.

4. Invoice Seal

Enterprises, units and individual industrial and commercial households in the purchase and development of tickets, the need to affix an invoice seal. Seal Printing mold contains its company unit name, invoice special chapter words, tax registration number.

5. Legal representative Badge

Scope of application: The legal person chapter is mainly used for the company's relevant choices, as well as the bank related business processing time. Seal Printing mold contains its company unit name, invoice special chapter words, tax registration number. Generally used in registered companies, enterprises basic household account opening, cheque endorsement of the printing.

The company's various seals of the authority of the disagreement, all documents stamped must be paid attention to. Therefore, the company seal custody operation must cause attention, so it is very important to have a smart seal machine.

  Automatic Stamping Machine, The "Intelligent security lock, the retention of chapter records, real-time monitoring with chapters" triple intelligent security maintenance of the seal. Enterprises only need to put the seal into the seal machine, seal with printing, user authorization password after the power can be stamped, with the printing process full password lock.