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About the maintenance operation of the seal machine

BecauseA4 Paper SealCaptain time use, in the process of its use, transmission belt, pressure plate will have the corresponding wear, the General Service life of more than one year, depending on the frequency of use, according to the usage of about 3000 sheets per day to calculate the service life of about one year, as long as the transmission belt, separation belt effect is not weakened can continue to be applied, If you find that the above tooth points grind off can no longer tighten the paper then you need to replace the tape.

     Also because of the long time pressure plate bending friction, one to check whether the pressure plate on the back of the foreign body, check the back of the pressure plate whether there is foreign body glue glued, in the case of stamping captain Time use of the contact tooth point will be in the pressure of the press plate under constant grinding, in the process of small paper stamping, the pressure plate long contact At this point, the pressure plate and conveyor belt need to be replaced.

     Another check in the A4 paper stamping machine stamping process, seal and ink wheel whether there is wear, if wear can lead to the film cover out is not clear or touch ink, this is the need to replace the ink wheel, the general imprint service life in about 3-5 years, whether the ink wheel replacement to see if the above wear rupture extrusion deformation can not touch the mold.

     Quarterly inspection under the SEAL machine Infrared receiver tube and launch tube dust is covered, such as dust has been covered a lot, need to be shut down under the condition of cleaning, the specific operation see the specification drawings.

How it works

     The whole machine system takes the microprocessor as the core, controls the transmission, the sticky paper, the paging, the press paper and the blue chapter, each motor. Optical signal of photoelectric sensor as feedback information through the operation of the computer according to the timing layout, the first drive to send to the organization, will be sent to the place, at the same time opened the pressure of the body to press the book. then drive the sticky paper mechanism to pull up the paper, the paging mechanism immediately after the paper over, and then the paper press to tighten Seal the body immediately down to run the seal. In this way, the whole system completed a seal action. Computers run so week in and on. The implementing agencies automatically ... stick, flip, press, monitor and other actions until the last page. Photoelectric sensor to the computer to provide paging information, so the computer again drive sent to the organization to send out the next, when in place to open the pressure of the agency, first unload the previous one, at the same time press the next, the Executive Body 绝续 run, repeat the Into the surface to complete the automatic delivery of sticky paper, paging, paper, differential, unloading and other actions at the same time to carry out the corresponding digital display. Alarm tips, etc.