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Requirements and methods for the use of stamping machines

   Users receiveSeal machine, Open the carton, take out the stamping machine, first of all to carefully browse the user manual, search spare parts are accurate, check the equipment in the transport process if there is damage, and then from the seal chassis out of the three-core power cord. The stamping machine should be placed on a stable and disorderly operating table surface, plugged into the power supply(The power outlet must have a superior grounding wire). Open the right rear side of the seal machine power switch, panel power indicator light, counter light, stamp machine into self-test, counter lamp shining 3 seconds, self-test complete stamping machine If correct, then counter lights all appear "0". At this point the stamp machine has entered the standby condition. Next, the need to seal the paper entrance is simply sorted into a slope shape, the following paper to the front, the above paper back, a dozen paper into the Machine infrared sensing area (infrared sensing area with black thick bar identification mark), the machine will automatically start after sensing the paper, and then into the automatic separation of automatic stamping state, The monitor shows the number of sheets of paper that have been stamped. With fine-tuning function of the stamp machine if the boot is not able to enter the self-test or after the self-test did not appear "0" or the seal machine did not start is not normal is the display of the seal machine failure, it is necessary to troubleshoot the application.

Problems and inferences after booting up

1. The display window does not appear after the boot

Can the socket in front of the ① search power cord be 220V voltage

② Search Power Cord

③ Search Switching power supply

The core route of the ④ search fuse box

⑤ Search 2A Fuse

⑥ Search Electrical Box main control Board socket plug can fight superior ⑦ search 20 core flat line war can be superior

2. When the paper enters the machine seal without operation

① Search the second stage of the feeling device (the position of the sensor is on the right side of the toothed band) can feel that the device has a occlusion object, such as: dust, ink and other objects. At this point the seal is not working

Disposition: Shutdown control, dust removal, removal of chips, dry ink.

② Search Front level feeling device (the position of this feeling device is into the paper mouth, the old model into the paper mouth Panel has a small round hole), the paper on the machine does not start without resounding reflection, it clarifies the feeling of loosening or light is not accurate, photoelectric to the tube and weld surface shedding and other reasons.

Disposition: Turn off the operation to do, the search sensor of the light.

Search Drive Circuit (electrical box main control Board) voltage is too high (more than 240V) Simple destruction drive integrated block-driven core circuit devices are also destroyed.

   Disposition: Shutdown manipulation, replacement electrical main control Board