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Intelligent Stamp Machine "induction", to eliminate the official seal private cover

In the Hidden Pearl Street Operation Calculation Service Center, the East building two residential residents Zhou Maoxin came to seal the affordable housing file, in the East building two residence of the seal machine, Zhou Maoxin first into the code, and then the operation of the calculation Service center Director Wang Lianjing also entered a self-fingerprint. Input end, smart stamp machine started, for Zhou Maoxin documents covered with the official seal of the Committee.
This is exactly the smart that has been introduced in the area of hidden Pearl Street.Seal machine, The seal of the Residence (village) Committee shall be handled by standard. Reporter learned that for the standard residence (village) Board seal use, Hidden Beads Street began in the jurisdiction of some home (village) Committee to implement this guideline, zoning adjustment, the main Street will be implemented to the jurisdiction of the 35 residential (village) Committee, completed the seal criteria Standard processing of the full cover-up.
The person is identified and turned on by fingerprint.
According to the introduction, "intelligent Official seal" is actually a processing system, it replaces the traditional seal method, the original official seal of the units embedded in the stamping machine, after fingerprint identification, scanning photography, process records and other functions, can seal the process, reasons, responsible people and other networks throughout the record.
"The original official seal, although there are the use of rules, but encounter acquaintances and contacts, due to the feelings, originally should not cover the chapter also covered, especially because there is no trace processing, by some staff to disorderly seal, the formation of glue and even legal responsibility of the matter has also occurred." "Wang Lianjing notice reporter," Smart stamp like a small printer, greatly changed the status of Community seal processing. " "When the use of intelligent stamping machine, the demand first by the person through the fingerprint may code identify the boot, and then stamp." "Not everyone can turn on, and now every resident (village) Committee as long as a person has the authority to manage the Computing service center with two people have this authority, anyone in the seal, will be video photography, to stamp the document will also be archived on camera." ”
Hidden Beads Street Intelligent seal full cover-up
Wang Lianjing Notice reporter, Residence (village) Committee has the authority of the personnel to come to use fingerprints may code open, the operation of the Calculation Service center of the personnel re-enter fingerprints or code, talent into the seal system, so that they can ensure that both are about to stamp the content of understanding, together to supervise the use. In the future, if there is a problem with the use of the seal, then the two people are directly responsible, so that the seal to do the evidence can be found, to avoid the private cover. "Now no matter who stamped, in addition to the registration of the record, but also added video photography procedures, if there is a problem, we can verify the video information to compare, find the direct responsible person." ”
According to the staff of hidden Beads Street, since the implementation of intelligent stamping machine in July 2015, the calculation appears, the whole street not only did not have the practice of private cover, the residents of the chapter is also more agile and fast.