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Introduction to the main features of automatic stamping machine

1. Convenient manufacturing process is excellent,

  Automatic Stamping MachineThe whole structure adopts computer aided design, high machining precision, the main motor adopts low noise and small power high torque speed regulating motor, the working stability noise is small, the service life is long. Surface spray paint using car painting process, the appearance of novel fashion. Compact size and easy to operate. It's quite modern in the office.

2. Long service life automatic stamping machine high reliability, good stability

Pressure is usually measured and pressure sensors are generally used to measure the size of the pressure.  We do not use conventional design ideas, but by measuring the motor working process of a specific period of time of the anti-excitation current state, and then through the microprocessor calculation, according to the preset pressure to control the size of the motor torque, in order to achieve the pressure size of real-time control, which is the core of the automatic stamping machine technology. 3. Pressure preset function of automatic stamping machine

The hardness and elasticity of paper are closely related to its gram weight, fiber content and ambient temperature and humidity. That is, the same paper in different ambient temperature, humidity, elastic size is not the same. Therefore, the same paper in different temperature, humidity conditions, to ensure the same imprint quality, the required pressure is different. Therefore, our automatic stamping machine is designed to be continuously adjustable from the pressure between the 0~1000Kg to ensure that the imprint requirements are adapted to different grams of paper and environmental requirements.

4. Automatic seal machine Security is high efficiency,

The traditional manual imprint is usually stored in the cupboard and must be removed from the cupboard when used. Automatic stamping machine includes machine body and operating keyboard, when used, with the key to open the machine lock, the use of the lock machine can be

5. Imprint Quality Stable seal machine intelligent design,

The company's automatic Steel printing machine (automatic stamping machine) compared to manual imprint, automatic Steel printing machine imprint efficiency is about 6 times times manual. Under normal circumstances, automatic steel printing machine imprint speed of 30-45 sheets/minute, and the quality of imprint is also manual imprint can not be compared, manual imprint there are different problems of seal depth, and this machine according to the paper, adjust the pressure, all seals are consistent, clear and beautiful.

6. Analysis of social benefits and work efficiency with high degree of automation

Because the seal machine adopts the central processing Unit (CPU), has the intelligent judgment and the processing ability. Simulate the manual imprint process to realize flexible imprint.

Can automatically identify the paper, imprint, as long as the paper to be printed in place, the steel printing machine can be automatically imprinted according to the preset pressure. For different grams of weight and humidity of the paper, can be guaranteed to achieve the ideal imprint effect. Automatic identification of paper, automatic imprint function, to the imprint operation has brought great convenience.

Has a single manual imprint function. In order to meet the imprint of special paper, the steel printing machine can be set to manual operation, imprint, as long as the manual button, if you encounter a power outage, can also be manually operated by manual imprint. Ensure that the imprint work is completed under any circumstances.

7. Analysis of social benefits and work efficiency

Let's assume that under ideal conditions, imprint 10,000 times as an example. Manual imprint 5 times per minute, with each person daily normal work six hours calculation, it takes about 5.56 days, in each manual 50 Yuan/day standard calculation, labor cost of 278 yuan.

With this product imprint, the ideal state under the pressure of 30 times per minute calculation, lasted 5.5 hours, converted into labor costs of 25 yuan, that is, 10,000 times per imprint, can save labor costs 253 yuan, work efficiency increased to manual imprint 6 times Times, economic efficiency is 11 times times the manual imprint. And the quality of imprint is also manual imprint can not be compared, manual imprint there are different shades of common problems, and this machine according to the paper, adjust the depth of the fine, all the seals are consistent.