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Development project of automatic stamping machine

  Automatic Stamping MachineRefers to the use of automatic printing mud stamping machine, the end of the need to printing mud stamped documents of the action, the liberation of manual stamping items. The "stamped small secretary" is used to solve the time-consuming and laborious problems of enterprises and institutions in carrying out many repetitive craft seals. In real life, some units and enterprises need to repeat a lot of craft stamping, through mechanical movement to replace the craft operation, is the concentrated embodiment of work intelligence, but also the inevitable trend of intelligent work in the future. The difference between automatic stamping machine and similar products on the market lies in the convenience of disassembly, the sensitivity of stamping, according to the actual needs of customers to customize different types of stamping machine. Together with the use of lax components supply, the end of production and distribution integration, saving production and transportation costs, optimize the stamp Machine market resource integration and configuration. This project uses a straight lifting organization, is the seal in the process of lifting the distance is short, and then improve the speed. Through the use of stepper motor, can be useful to streamline the organization, do not need the response of the trip switch, improve the reliability of the organization. Synchronous belt wheel transmission is smooth, with cushioning, vibration damping capacity of high maintenance and maintenance facilities, without lubrication characteristics, so that the overall function of the seal machine is very stable.

Guide Opinion: The project has a certain novelty and practicality, the use of relatively simple organization, you can end the function of automatic stamping. At present, although there are a variety of stamping machines on the market, but the chapter needs specific processing. And this plan of the stamping machine, wonderful planning of the fixture to get used to the existing chapter, the seal mud, stamping action to end the automation, can be better satisfied with the work part seal more frequent occasions, it is worth further implementation of the application.